Improved UX thanks to visual polish and functional platform enhancement

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Share confidential documents quickly and securely with PROOM.

With PROOM, PROCAD creates a central platform for the exchange of documents, which can be used for cooperation between customers, partners, and suppliers, as well as for internal communication in large companies. Using PROOM, confidential documents can be shared quickly and securely.

UX Design
Icon Design

BriefRebrush during running operations

In a first project, Ergosign's task was to optimize the existing platform's layout and give the design a visual fine-tuning. In a second project, we also extended the platform functionally: with a comment area, PROOM now enables direct, document-related communication between users. All innovations should also meet the high demands of the PROCAD customer base. Since the PROOM platform is already successfully in use, one factor was of decisive importance for the re-brush of the design: the existing users. They should still be able to work with PROOM just as before after the update.

ApproachAgile collaboration

This balancing act between considering existing interactions and structures and improving usability presented a special challenge. In the second part of the project, in which we functionally extended the system, the seamless integration of the comment function into the existing user interface and into the users' workflows was essential. Due to the long-standing cooperation with PROCAD, our UX designers were able to optimally incorporate their knowledge of the existing system and its users, as well as their experience with the specific design guidelines, into the design. During the project, we were always in close contact with PROCAD. Thanks to the flexible cooperation and agile approach, we were able to carry out the project lean and efficiently.

OutcomeMore trust and functionality

The redesign of the platform is characterized by its clear layout. Large icons designed by Ergosign and the easy-to-read Slab-Serif font enable all users to quickly find their way around the platform and also give it a modern appearance. As an extension of the new functions which we developed, we designed not only a comment area but also a download function, as well as the possibility to inform users by email about comments or changes to documents. The existing design guidelines served as a basis and were supplemented by the new concepts during the project.

About the clientPROCAD GmbH & Co. KG

PROCAD GmbH & Co. KG is a software manufacturer of platform solutions for the digitalization of medium-sized companies in product and document lifecycle management. The Karlsruhe-based company has been on the market since 1985 and employs over 130 people. More than 600 technology companies are already successfully using PROCAD products for PDM, PLM, and DMS. PROCAD is represented at 5 German locations and internationally in BeNeLux, Italy, Austria, USA, and Switzerland.sing PROCAD products for PDM, PLM and DMS. PROCAD is represented at 5 German locations and internationally in BeNeLux, Italy, Austria, USA and Switzerland.

UI for PROOM - PROCAD a central platform for exchanging documents.
UI for PROCAD provides a central platform for exchanging documents.

Till Pleyer, Head of Marketing, PROCAD GmbH & Co. KG

"Good ideas that get to the heart of the further development of our product's user interface - that is what makes our long-standing cooperation with Ergosign as a partner.“

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