EnterpriseEnterprise solutions — the heart of a running business.

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The basis for day-to-day business

Enterprise solutions, such as ERP-, CRM- or other systems, manage what's important to everyone’s business. The better the software is aligned to existing business processes, the higher its potential impact. Believe in our experience: There is no software fitting to every business.

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”Consumerization” describes the dissolution of boundaries between classic business applications and those intended for consumers. But the boundaries are blurring – business applications are constantly getting closer to consumer applications and can increasingly be operated as cloud services on mobile devices. We need to rethink software solutions and make an intensive user focus more imperative than ever.

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BI - Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

Truth is in the data: Business Intelligence (BI) applications help to collect and evaluate all relevant information for business decisions. ERP systems usually form the data basis for this. AI algorithms can take over simple actions and are drivers of automation.We help to optimize the collaboration between humans and AI and to design the automation in such a way that human-centered solutions are created.

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CRM - The foundation to build valued customer relationships

The data provided by CRM systems provides the foundation to build sustainable relationships with customers. But this is just the data foundation. A good customer experience along the entire journey, across all channels requires a lot of effort on various levels. Supporting the customer experience by insights derived from your CRM is a continuous activity — even when hyper-personalization of customer engagement is not your goal.

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