HealthDesign and technology emerge as the new drivers in the health care industry.

Doctor with tablet in hand.

The patient in focus

Healthcare providers are committed to focusing on a patient’s experience through their journey. There is a simple reason behind it: An improved patient experience supports a faster recovery, with clinical outcome being the most relevant KPI for everybody in the healthcare industry.

Our holistic design approach aligns environment and required technology with the patient experience at every touchpoint.

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Tablet and Apple Watch to project Quiri on a table with coffee cup.

The emergence of the proactive patient

As health innovations such as wearable trackers and responsive algorithms enter the marketplace, proactive and empowered patients emerge. These patients are increasingly in control of their health, expecting a more personal and collaborative relationship with doctors.

An ongoing conversation between people and their extended network is a new standard in healthcare, and not something that happens hastily once someone is sick. This results in a need for services that guide healthcare providers through this new communication and collaboration challenge.

We help create an environment that enables people to act independently, providing flexibility and convenience before becoming patients.

Quiri Screens - Apple Watch lies on a table along with scribbles and mockups.

Efficient treatments and workflows through design

Connected devices and seamless access to patient data can speed up the workflow for physicians dramatically — and they can also reduce documentation efforts.

Replacing the need for cables, wireless connections save time and reduce efforts to clean devices. Having fewer objects in general also minimizes the risk for infections in a hospital environment. A careful analysis of the hospital environment is an indispensable prerequisite for designing smart workflows, risk-minimizing user interfaces, processes and device hardware to solve the challenges of health care industry.

Ergosign employee standing in front of an experience map.

User diversity

The background of potential users of medical devices is becoming more diverse. Less trained specialists as well as patients and their relatives also form central user groups — just think about mobile health and telemedicine. Operation of medical products that is easy to learn while at the same time minimizing risk is becoming increasingly important.

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Medical personnel wearing mouth guards stand in a row behind each other.

IEC standard-compliant

The focus is on patient safety: Our standard-compliant design process for medical products is in accordance with IEC 62366-1. Therefore, we ensure an early user involvement as well as a close collaboration with risk management. We provide you with comprehensive support in the evaluation process and advise you in the creation of the mandatory usability engineering files.

CE sign

Secure networks for the patient’s data drive innovation and make health care more inclusive.

Healthcare providers use new technologies, data systems, and analytics tools that streamline how information is distributed. Seamlessly integrated and easily accessible data for medical professionals support decisions and deliver a more personalized model of care while driving innovation.

Medical evolution can be made more inclusive globally by using secure networks, where specialists can exchange experiences and best practices with countries lacking knowledgeable health specialists.

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Telemedicine - patient and doctor are on video call.

We are true specialists with scientific background

In health care we work with market leaders from a wide range of expertise fields, including intensive care units, operating theaters, laboratories and dental practices. We support in designing innovative solutions for diagnostics, therapy and care to rehabilitation. We continuously contribute to scientific research not only in commercial projects but also in collaboration with distinguished universities. Partner with us to tame the structure of your ecosystem — making digital health care more inclusive.

Laboratory with a woman with a pipette and a man at a microscope looking into the camera.

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