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Woman operating a wall panel in her apartment.

Technology in our daily lives is here to stay.

We are experiencing the increasing merging of technologies with people and the environment. In addition to portable devices such as fitness trackers and smartphones, we are also surrounded by an invisible net in which micro-controllers network everyday objects in the home and integrate them into digital ecosystems. In the Internet of Things, the refrigerator independently creates a shopping list, and the robot mop uses the optimal amount of cleaning agent.Users benefit from convenience and time savings. At the same time, we fear losing control over our data and our privacy. Human-centered design tools are essential in addressing these reservations whilst providing added value. We support you in designing empathetic, smart living products with an optimal customer experience thanks to sustainable design decisions.

Woman standing in the kitchen with smartphone in hand - lines run from the smartphone showing what can be controlled via the smartphone.

Entertainment & Comfort

The expectations of smart living systems are high. We control the music system by voice command and our smart lighting independently creates the right ambience. To ensure that all systems work together seamlessly, the various interactions must be carefully orchestrated. We design solutions with added value so that smart living is really smart and inspires - instead of demanding additional attention.

Woman switches on the lamp in her kitchen via a tablet.

Building, Energy & Security

Sustainability and resource efficiency are becoming essential criteria for social status and business success. Whether generating your own solar energy for the electric vehicle or the remote-controlled alarm system - displaying and comparing the savings values ​​in the associated app has long become a popular sport. Intuitive operation and comprehensible data processing are the keys to digital systems users trust: whether for automatic billing of utility bills or for alerting the police in the event of danger.

Woman operates a smarthome app to control the lights in her living room.

Wearables & AI Agents - always at your service

The smartphone as a constant companion, data glasses and sensors on the body network us in an almost "intimate" way with our environment. Virtual assistants take over the interface between technologized people and the environment. The transparency and trustworthiness of these digital helpers are essential success factors for smart living systems. Human-centered design supports you in designing digital systems that users trust and enjoy using.

Wrist with a smartwatch.

IoT Platforms & Ecosystems

Platforms give the individual participants in our interactive ecosystem a home. Only standardized networking and communication among each other enables the full potential of each device to be exploited.

We support you in establishing the basis for this new digital business model. With data-driven design to develop more profitable products.

Ergosign employee working on whiteboard.

Empathetic systems for maximum user acceptance

The new closeness between people and technology means that our technical companions have to respect our privacy. If they don’t do this appropriately, this can quickly damage the brand and negatively affect the customer experience.

The multi-layered interaction of the systems also requires them to be experienced and tested early to control the design in a targeted manner.

We guide you through the entire design process with suitable tools – market understanding and user research to holistic prototypes and appropriate validation methods, for empathetic digital systems that will delight your users in the long term.

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