DevelopmentWe master cutting-edge technologies and deliver products with the best user experience.

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Software engineering that realizes design without compromise.

Many years of experience of developing user interfaces have helped us hone our design development workflow to the optimum so we can guarantee pixel-precise implementation.

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Agile, your way

Agile might often be a buzzword — but not for us: We work in close collaboration with your team along with defined milestones. Together we define the interfaces between development teams. On request, we also provide distributed version management and test systems to ensure smooth collaboration.

Ergosign Development Team in the office.

Scalable architecture

You decide the scope of our development work: from customized styling, custom controls and entire UI frameworks to the complete implementation of your frontend and beyond. We are experts in developing cutting-edge, scalable applications. We deliver the application parts in a way that you can easily integrate and extend them. Joint workshops guarantee an efficient handover to your team.

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From app to HMI

Whether embedded HMI for machines in industry, large-scale responsive websites, complex web applications or native apps: our multi-disciplinary development team comes with broad experience in a wide range of technical environments. We know the possibilities and limitations of modern technologies that include leading-edge web frameworks as well as Flutter for cross-platform mobile development and Qt for embedded UIs.

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Web technologies

No UX-relevant area is currently developing as rapidly as web-based technologies. Every week, new interesting libraries and frameworks appear. Choosing is not easy. We will adapt to your decision, or provide you with advice to inform your decision. Whether Angular, React, Vue or Plain Vanilla JS – our developers are available with help and advice. The latest best practices such as continuous integration and deployments, modularization or tool chains are a matter of course.

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Build mobile apps with Flutter – for all platforms and devices

Build mobile apps for any platform and device with Flutter. Google’s open source framework allows efficient creation of natively compiled, cross-platform apps on a single code base. Complex user interfaces with the look & feel of a native application – for inspiring apps with a great user experience.

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Mockup of different screens of the Ergosign xDesk app.

Qt for powerful UIs on embedded devices

With the cross-platform Qt framework, we implement sophisticated user interfaces on lean hardware for you. The modern Qt Quick brings declarative development to embedded hardware, reducing errors and future maintenance expenses as well as providing good reusability. The Qt3D package allows for visionary user interfaces with 3D elements that can be implemented quickly with state-of-the-art technologies.

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