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Ergosign Design Report Volume 5

Selena Bobek Senior UX Designer, Specialist Visual Design

Matthias Rebmann Senior UX Designer, Specialist Visual Design

Nina Hanfeld Senior UX Designer, Specialist Visual Design

Raffaela Mosimann Senior UX Designer, Specialist Visual Design

29/05/2024 • 2 minutes reading time

Designing the future: Nostalgia meets modernity

Join us on a journey through the design landscape of 2024 in the new Ergosign Design Report. Innovation and retro designs go hand in hand with new trends such as bold colors — partly fueled by the Barbie hype — as well as the use of various types of illustrations. This year, we see a vibrant mix of creative design elements showcasing the evolution of design across different disciplines.

We show you how!

Our short "How Tos" provide clarity on the correct use and seamless integration of the trends.

Retro revival

Paying homage to past aesthetics, retro design brings a touch of nostalgia to the modern digital world this year, giving users a sense of familiarity. Notably, there is an increased use of folk design, where traditional art and natural elements transport viewers back to past decades. Additionally, the use of pixels is making a creative comeback. Pixel effects in animation, branding, illustration, and web design combine retro with modern creativity, offering diverse design possibilities.

A wide range of design possibilities

The trends highlight not only opulent compositions with complex details and illustrations with vibrant graphics, but also the importance of digital collages and the use of highly saturated, bold, and contrasting colors. The former "Frosted Glass" trend has evolved into "Reeded Glass“, contributing to the visual diversity. Overall, this year's trends offer a great variety of combinations to create unique and engaging experiences.

Discover in our Design Report which trends you can expect this year.

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