Ergosign achieves highest TISAX® certification level

Katharina Roos UX Director • Head of Quality Management & Organizational Development | Information Security Officer

Esther Barra Lead Communication Manager

24/05/2024 • 5 minutes reading time

Security by Design: Another milestone in the field of information security

We are proud to announce that Ergosign has achieved the highest TISAX® standard (Level 3) certification in February 2024. This marks a significant milestone in our commitment to meeting the highest requirements in information security and underscores our steadfast dedication to our stakeholders' needs.

What is TISAX about?

TISAX® stands for "Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange" and is a security standard specifically developed for the automotive industry. It is based on several national and international standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001, VDA ISA, and BSI Grundschutz. Its aim is to ensure a trusted exchange of sensitive information and data between businesses in the automotive sector. Ergosign has been TISAX® certified since 2021.

Information security is a complex issue, often perceived as purely a technical challenge. However, the human component plays a central role. Only when people understand and support security concepts can these be implemented successfully. Information security extends far beyond technical measures in IT security. There are many topics and potential impacts on corporate culture that must be considered for an integrated and successful implementation. Besides employee awareness and building security, there must be several risk and business continuity plans established, continuously developed, and reviewed regularly.

Through a human-centered and systemic approach, we ensure that all measures taken are not only effective but also user-friendly. Ultimately, it is people who interact with us and our services. Their trust, as well as their own security awareness, is crucial.

The certification symbolizes our commitment and the expertise of our entire team, which has tirelessly worked to continuously optimize our systems and processes to the highest standards. Certification does not mean stagnation, but rather a motivation to consistently pursue this path and adapt to the constantly changing challenges in the field of information security — towards a secure and resilient company.

Katharina RoosHead of Quality Management & Organizational Development | Information Security Officer

Through the development of our information security management system, we have been able to further optimize internal processes, leading to a more efficient and effective way of working, from which all stakeholders, especially our customers and employees, benefit.

We have created a framework through our integrated management system that allows our employees to focus on the essentials and use their creativity in the best interest of our customers. Because innovation and information security are by no means mutually exclusive. On the contrary, a strong security culture can even foster innovation by creating an environment where creative ideas can be freely exchanged and developed without neglecting security.

This significant goal was achieved through the extraordinary dedication and expertise of our interdisciplinary team, whose efforts were crucial and reflect our continuous pursuit of quality and security.

Swen LuxLead System Administrator, Team Manager

By incorporating security concerns into our design and development processes from the outset, we can create innovative solutions that are both secure and user friendly. Overall, the re-certification according to stricter criteria represents another important and logical step for Ergosign, emphasizing our commitment to the highest security standards in a disruptive world.

The results of our certification are available on the official TISAX portal for registered members: :

• Scope-ID: S8HT6T

• Assessment-ID: AC7793-1

• Participant-ID: PKH3LH