Is an electric car right for me?

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Less frustration and more enthusiasm - from the purchase decision to regular use.

The world is changing - and mobility with it. Many car manufacturers see the associated challenges as a chance and look for opportunities to make the topic of electromobility sustainable and exciting for the customer.
To make it as easy as possible for (potential) customers to get started with electromobility, we have developed a support concept together with CARIAD using the example of the Audi e-tron, which supports and informs users in all phases - from the purchase decision to regular use.
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Supported and informed at all times

The project aimed to develop a solution that continually supports and informs (potential) users of e-cars in all phases - whether with the purchase decision or later with regular use. To understand the customer's journey through to the purchase decision, it was necessary to identify the relevant touchpoints along the customer journey. The brand experience should be optimally shaped by the interaction of all touchpoints.


From test drive to finished concept

Is an electric car right for me? What types of charging stations are there? These and many other questions can arise when it comes to electric vehicles.
We started the project with a test drive to get a feel for electric cars. A context analysis and thoroughly developed personas allowed us to better understand the needs, goals, and pain points of (potential) users.
To start with, we sighted and evaluated additional information and materials from the customer in the form of screens, videos, and texts.
Based on this, the customer journey was created, which maps all phases - from the purchase decision to regular use. After creating wireframes, we built a visual design prototype. Finally, the prototype created in ProtoPie was examined in usability tests with 16 subjects. Afterward, adjustments based on the feedback and usability testing results were made.


The solution: a personal, intelligent assistant

We developed an app concept that proactively accompanies, supports, and informs (potential) users in all phases - even before they ask. After a short onboarding, the users receive all relevant information from the personal assistant tailored for the phase they are currently in. In addition, the personal assistant knows all the answers to specific questions and sends notifications exactly when they are needed. An excellent example is the support for recharging once the driver has arrived at a charging station.
The personal assistant focuses on personalized topics because nothing is worse than boring users with issues that are of no interest to them.
In addition, the assistant evaluates driving data and gives users valuable tips. The neutral design makes it possible to adapt the support concept for all brands of the Volkswagen Group.

About the client


CARIAD is the software company of the Volkswagen Group developing the leading technology platform for the automotive industry. The company's goal is to make the automotive experience safer, more sustainable, and more comfortable for people. (source: Volkswagen and CARIAD).
CARIAD contributes to the corporate strategy "NEW AUTO - Mobility for Generations to Come", with which the Volkswagen Group wants to advance the transformation. (source: Volkswagen).

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