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For the ‘carValoo’ pilot project, the client joined Ergosign in developing an MVP (minimum viable product) using a high-fidelity prototype. The aim was to provide carValoo with a fleet management product for use in car sharing. Thanks to sensor boxes built into the vehicles to collect speed data, potential damage can be tracked both in terms of time and geography. The collected data is displayed in a web application.

"CarValoo’s vision is digital vehicle files: we want to seamlessly understand how a vehicle has been handled. Together with Ergosign, we developed an app interface to optimally process the results of our data analysis for the customer."

Nico Schön

Nico Schön

Manager Innovation Strategy
tyssenkrupp AG


In various workshops, we collaborated with the carValoo project team to establish the requirements for the MVP. Three personas and target scenarios were developed for the use of the web application in the scoping workshop, and plenty of creative ideas for implementation in the first MVP were collected in the following ideation phase. With various versions of the visual design based on thyssenkrupp AG’s CI, we finalized the design for the high-fidelity click prototype together.

High-Fidelity Prototyping

The interaction concept developed by Ergosign focusses on portraying collected data, which is monitored via the web app. The user can create reports and evaluations in targeted requests. In the click prototype, dummy data is used for the various screen types to realistically visualize the diagrams and map views. As the user clicks through, they get the impression of using the finished application. Animation of the screen’s structure and of screen switches makes the user experience even more like the final developed product.

MVP, Prototyp, carValoo

Further development

In the ideation workshop, the team usually has many more good ideas than we can implement in the first MVP. The challenge is in establishing the most important features. Still, this first phase of coming up with ideas and evaluating them together is especially important for the outlook of a project. Other feature ideas, application scenarios and personas from the workshop have been collected as part of a future product vision. This means that the best ideas could influence project development in the earliest possible phase of the project - without making the MVP any more complex.

About thyssenkrupp AG

With the Digital Transformation Office, thyssenkrupp AG has been provided with its own area to monitor pilot projects supporting the digitization aims of various business units. The aim is to expand the digital offerings for end consumers and large clients as well as a switch towards a culture of cohesive, flexible collaboration. Innovative data-based solutions and business models for the mobility market are developed in thyssenkrupp AG’s ‘Components Technology’ department. The carValoo pilot project’s aim is to develop a new data-based service for fleet operators, especially vehicle hire companies, car sharing providers and corporate fleets.

carValoo MVP Screens

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