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Pixel-precise and high-performance development of modern user interfaces with state-of-the-art technologies.

Hand in Hand

We don’t only design UX, we are also specialized in the development of modern user interfaces. Thanks to many years of experience in our multi-disciplinary team, we offer pixel-perfect rendering of our designs and thus an optimal designer-developer workflow. This way we ensure, that the developed product meets your expectations.


We adapt to your working style, agile and lean, – whether in collaboration with your team or separately with defined milestones. Together, we define the interfaces between the development teams. On request, we also provide distributed version control and test systems in order to ensure a smooth cooperation.

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"Thanks to the close collaboration between the editorial team and the technology, we were able to develop an optimal solution for all target groups."

Markus Kühner

Markus Kühner

Project & UX Manager
Ergosign GmbH

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Ready to use

You decide on the scope of our development work: whether customized styling of standard controls, special custom controls, UI frameworks or the complete implementation of your client. We are experts of encapsulated development with MV* (MV, MVVM, MVW, etc.) and supply our code in such a way that you can integrate and expand it as smoothly as possible; workshops ensure the efficient handover to your team.


Whether embedded HMI for machines, large scale responsive websites, complex web apps or native apps – our development team familiarizes itself with your technical environment. We specialize in modern technologies such as WPF, Qt, Angular and develop natively for iOS and Android. Our team is also available for the customization of CMS and standard software. Together, we will find the right “language” for your product.

Responsive Web Design

Web Design

WebHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

No UX area is currently developing as rapidly as web-based technologies. Every week, new interesting libraries and frameworks appear. But it’s difficult to choose. We will advise you in taking your decision or will adapt to your decision. Whether Angular, Polymer, React, Bootstrap, Foundation or “Plain Vanilla JS” – our developers are available with help and advice. The latest best practices such as modularization, documentation, testing or tool chain are a matter of course.

Cross-Platform with QtQt, Qt Quick, QML, QWidget

With the cross-platform Qt framework, we implement sophisticated user interfaces on lean hardware for you. The modern Qt Quick brings declarative development to embedded hardware, which reduces the number of errors and future maintenance expenses and provides good reusability. Also, with the Qt3D package, visionary user interfaces with 3D elements can quickly be implemented with state-of-the-art technologies.

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The Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) offers, as one of the first UI frameworks, excellent possibilities for the implementation of custom UI designs for Windows. The declarative approach reduces the susceptibility to errors and improves maintainability. The MVVM pattern ensures a clear separation of layers and MVVM frameworks such as Prism, Caliburn and others, are available for modularization. Whether responsive, native Windows 10 apps or classic WPF desktop applications: we help you with the optimum implementation of your application.

Mobile NativeiOS & Android

Be it a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch - mobile devices are never far away. The best UX on mobile end devices with Ergosign. Whether it’s a native app, web or hybrid app - with our extensive know-how, we implement iOS and Android apps tailored to your needs.

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QML, Styling, Layout, Qt

QML Styling
& Layout

THE NEXT DIMENSION3D & Augmented Reality

In addition to classic technologies for the implementation of 2D UIs, we also work with 3D UIs and augmented reality (AR). Especially the field of AR offers great opportunities for the future.

With qualitative premium hardware (AR and VR glasses) and by means of Unity 3D, we realize futuristic applications for various industries. We will gladly accompany you on your path in this young field.

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