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Real user feedback: Research at Ergosign

Drawing on unlimited resources

A wide range of well-founded methods allows us to gain insight on user requirements, identify potential for improvement and thus improve your products and designs with regard to performance and user satisfaction.

Continuous measurement

We use our qualitative and quantitative methods in different phases of product development to identify, test and evaluate user needs and requirements – both existing designs and prototypes to be validated.

User Research at a usability lab of Ergosign
Fundamental User Insights and data-driven Design.

Understanding correctly

In order to gain a deeper understanding of users, we offer various methods. Depending on the goal, we make use of interviews, surveys, context analyses, focus groups or diary studies. The qualitative data provides us with a concrete, detailed understanding of user needs and influencing context factors.

Looking closely

Usability testing can take place at our in-house labs, on site, or remotely. Users test current systems or prototypes and can be surveyed directly. This way, we identify weaknesses and strengths. This also allows us to soundly evaluate specific design details and aspects of the UI such as learnability, comprehensibility or fault tolerance and relate them to benchmarks.

"Meaningful visualizations and interactions combined with the performance of SAP HANA technology create a unique user experience."

Katharina Roos

Katharina Roos

Principal UX Designer, Head of Quality Management
Ergosign GmbH



Our Expert Knowledge

Domain experts put themselves in the user’s position, for example with a heuristic evaluation or “cognitive walkthroughs” and evaluate the product according to a standardized, systematic approach. Cognitive models simulate prototypical users and allow for an objective review of the UI based on predefined performance metrics.


Descriptive and inferential statistical analyses of systematically collected usage data can contribute to the systematic analysis of actual usage behavior and thus allow for well-founded conclusions. For example, we perform log file or click analyses to identify recurrent errors or delays of usage.

Case Studies

Lufthansa Technik
Lufthansa Technik

Lufthansa Technik



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