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People and their experiences at the heart of your strategy.

Design Strategy

We envision and shape services that simplify the experience for your customers and employees and strive for omnichannel excellence. We (re)invent your services to drive your business, make new connections, and create values for various stakeholders.

Product Innovation

We shape, build, and develop powerful digital and connected products. Together we define the product strategy, all necessary steps on the product roadmap, and finally develop your product ready to market without UX dilution.

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We conduct research where people gain their experiences.

Internal Insights

To align new products with your existing strategies and to shape solutions your organization can work with productively, we need to understand your business, processes, and culture.

Customer Insights

We help you to gain a holistic insight of the experience customers have while interacting with your brand. To create people-centered solutions, we will get in contact with users to truly understand their needs and experiences along their customer journey. Ultimately, we’ll make sure each phase delivers a delightful experience.

Quick dive into your future strategy: our workshop formats


Our quick check on the experience your customers have with you.

During our CX Check-Up, we will imagine the effectiveness of your service or the service you are planning to build. We will apply design thinking methods to create assumptions about how your customers perceive your service. Based on these insights, we can create innovative solutions for your customers and your business.

Envision the future

A trend-based view into the future.

The market is evolving quickly and your customers' expectations are growing with it. But where is the journey going? During this one-day workshop, we will look into a potential future and generate ideas for you to be prepared best for it.


Let’s find innovative solutions to provide added value for your customers and business.

During this one-day workshop, we want to explore possible opportunities for innovative services to improve the experience your customers have. Let’s also explore possible ways to expand your business, which you haven’t considered yet.

Service Design Strategy Workshop mit Kunden und Designern

We create a holistic picture about the experience people have with your services or brand.

Experience Mapping

We visualize our insights in terms of experience mapping and help to orchestrate your digital ecosystem, i.e. with Customer Journeys, System Maps or Blueprints.


To put your strategy into reality, a vision based on the common view and decisions of all stakeholders is crucial. We can both help to define and create this vision for you. In our Multi Experience Lab, we make it possible to use technical innovations today.

More about Multi Experience Lab

Workflow visualisiert in einem Service Design Workshop

We identify opportunities and create new values for stakeholders.


We will support you to realize your vision and enable you to organize your work streams by collaboratively defining clear milestones and a realistic time frame.


Based on KPIs, we measure the results of your strategy and projects. These data visualize results, which form the basis of your next strategic decisions.

Case Studies

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Lufthansa Technik

Lufthansa Technik



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